Recently, the transmission of new variants of coronavirus Omicron has increased in different countries. As of January 10, 30 people have been infected with Omicron in Bangladesh.

According to the United Nations, Omicron has now spread to 128 countries. Infection of this new variant of Corona is also increasing in neighboring India. Two days ago, a person died of Omicron in India.

What are the symptoms of the new variant Omicron, which has been widely discussed in recent times? In this regard, the health expert Professor. Farhad Manzoor says, ‘To many people, Omicron will feel like a common cold. Some people have a dry throat, runny nose, joint pain or headaches after being infected. '

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Professor of Virology. Saifullah Munshi said, ‘The symptoms of Omicron are very mild. Not as pronounced as Delta or other types. Many may have pain in the upper part of the lungs. '

He added, "Everyone should follow the precautions that have been taken in case of corona symptoms." There is no need to take any special measures for Omicron. '

Infected with corona, the sensation of taste or smell disappears. Also, some people have cough and high temperature fever. These are still the three main symptoms of coronavirus.

According to health experts, those who are infected with Omicron can often feel a mild cold or a common illness.

Symptoms of Omicron infection may be:

* Pain in the upper part of the chest

* headaches

* fever

* Feeling tired

* body pain

* Dry throat

Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital, Department of Medicine. Tawfiq Ahmed said, "Omicron spreads much faster than the Delta variant, but the data available so far shows that Omicron is a bit lighter. The rate of serious illness or hospitalization is very low, as in the case of Delta sufferers. '

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization epidemiologist said. Abdi Mahmoud said: "There is not enough evidence to prove that Omicron is less harmful than other variants of the Corona. If you take two doses of Corona Ticker, you are much safer. '

Professor Manzur Rahman Ghalib, a specialist in medicine, said, "As far as is known, all variants of the corona are rapidly expanding. That is why such a new variant of Corona is being born. Many variants can make the virus even more harmful. Again many just spread themselves or spread fast. But Omicron is not that bad. '

Associate Professor. Siam Bhuiyan said, ‘It is true that Omicron spreads much faster than Corona Delta or any other variant. That's right, Omicron is not that deadly. Globally, patients infected with the virus have a much lower rate of hospitalization or serious illness than others.

Health experts agree on one thing: "Everyone should try to avoid corona, rather than thinking about whether Omicron or Delta is infected." That is why hygiene rules have to be followed. Must wear a mask. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

The major difference between Omicron and other types of corona is in its expression of symptoms. Reviewing the prevalence in South Africa, it has been shown that in other strains of coronavirus, it takes up to seven days for symptoms to develop, but in the case of Omicron, symptoms usually appear within three days.