Despite the Corona's aggressive look, maybe in the new year 2022 we will see all the technically quite new gadgets.

Such hints have been received from the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's largest electronic show held in Las Vegas, USA from January 5-6. Which is known as ‘CES’ fair for short. From this year's show, an idea has been found as to which way technology will take in 2022. Let's find out what the new year technology world will be like.

Fighting Metaverse: Metaverse is about creating social connections through the 3D virtual world. Meta Company, the flagship company of Facebook, is going to create this special virtual world. Anyone can take part in it and gain a different experience of the virtual world. In the new year, not only Facebook, but also other technology companies will compete to create such metavers. That's according to Ralph Ellenberger, CEO of VR Direct, a company that makes virtual reality software. Google, Microsoft, Apple companies will make their own headsets, operating systems for Metavers. Not only big companies, but also many startups will be involved in this metavars world.

Smart Home: In the new year, your home can also become a smart home. Huge tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung have teamed up to set a standard for creating smarthomes called 'Matter'. His goal is to make as many gadgets as we can for the smart home in the future work well with each other.

Electric cars: Many companies have been taking initiative to build electric cars for several years now. In that continuity, big companies like Ford, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen will market electric cars at lower prices this year. Tesla is going to capture the huge market of electric cars. New companies like Lucid and Rivian will also be competing.

Gadgets will be easy to repair: Gadgets like phones, laptops, tablets that we use, if the problem is a little difficult to fix. Gadget repair is going to be easy this year. For so many years, Apple has maintained secrecy in repairing their gadgets. However, this year the company is going to launch a self-service repair program to repair their products. This will allow you to repair iPhone and Mac computers. Microsoft will give the same opportunity.

Wearable Devices: A few years ago, some big companies have been making smartwatches. Even if it is a little expensive, anyone can measure his heart rate, sleep, calories after wearing those smartwatches. Smart jewelry is also coming to the market at lower prices this year. For example, after wearing a smart ring on the finger or wearing a smart bracelet on the hand, heart rate and blood pressure can be known.