Employees in the United States are leaving jobs at a record pace. The latest survey by the country's labor department shows such a picture.


According to them, 4.3 million workers lost their jobs last August. This number is 2.9 percent of the total employees in the United States. This was reported by the international media Al Jazeera on Tuesday (October 12).

According to the report, one crore and three lakh new jobs have been created in the United States during this period. The high job drop rate indicates how confident American workers are about their job prospects. But going deeper into the information, it is understood that they are moving away for fear of the Delta variant of Corona.

The number of people leaving their jobs and the number of vacancies has become a big thorn in the side of the country's economy. Companies have been offering incentives such as joining bonuses and salary increases to attract employees.

Millions of workers are leaving their jobs in the United States

About 42 percent of small business owners say they increased costs last month.