Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness Patricia Scotland said: "There are 42 small countries in the world that are threatened by climate change. It seems in our actions - nothing like that will happen. But these smaller countries will be lost to the world, "AFP reported.

Baroness Patricia Scotland made the remarks in an interview with AFP on Wednesday (October 14th). He said that appropriate steps should be taken for this at the upcoming UN conference.

Dominican-born lawyer and former British minister Baroness Patricia is now leading the Commonwealth Alliance. It is basically an alliance of former British colonies. He made the remarks during a visit to the Italian capital, Rome, on the issue of climate change. During the visit, he will also hold meetings with Pope Francis.

In an interview, he said small Commonwealth member states, such as the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu and Nauru, are now considering new locations. Because the sea level is rising and it is very dangerous now.

42 countries are disappearing from the world

He also expressed concern over natural disasters such as hurricanes and cyclones in different countries, including his own. "Dominica usually looks like the Garden of Eden," said Baroness Patricia. However, after Hurricane Maria hit in 2016, the bark of many trees up there, not a single green leaf was left on those trees. It looks like a battlefield now. "

The UN Climate Conference will be held in Glasgow, Stockland from October 31 to November 12. The aim of the conference is to reach an international agreement to prevent the use of carbon in the global economy and to protect the world from catastrophic global warming.

Much will depend on the success of this climate conference in Glasgow and how much efforts will be made to save the world from disaster. What happens at the conference could make a big difference in the daily lives of people around the world in the coming days.

About 25,000 people are expected to attend the conference in Glasgow, including world leaders, arbitrators and journalists. Thousands of activists and many businessmen will also be present. Extremist groups such as the Rebel Extension are now demanding an end to the burning of fossil fuels.

At the end of the conference, a unanimous announcement is expected to come. Where all specific commitments will be written and all countries will have to sign that declaration.

In the words of Baroness Patricia Scotland, ‘We are all in the same storm. But of course we are not all in the same boat. '