Former President Donald Trump has slammed US President Biden over the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The US president cannot avoid responsibility for handing over control of Afghanistan to the Taliban. The Taliban occupied Afghanistan because of the withdrawal of American troops.

Former US President Donald Trump has accused Biden of surrendering to the Taliban in his tweet. And Trump asked in that tweet whether Biden would apologize for the biggest strategic mistake in history. In the words of Trump, "Troops were not withdrawn from Afghanistan under Biden, it was a surrender. Will he apologize for the biggest strategic mistake in history by removing the military in front of our citizens?" Trump asked.

Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan biggest strategic mistake, Biden targets Trump

The former US president said in another statement, "This helpless surrender is unforgivable even for the death of Americans. It cannot be erased by force, it will be infamous for the US president in the pages of history."

Trump has issued a dozen statements since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. He attacked Biden for failing to evacuate U.S. citizens before withdrawing troops. The previous administration under Trump signed an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020 to withdraw troops completely from Afghanistan and called for peace talks with the Afghan government.

But as soon as US-led foreign troops finalized the withdrawal of the Taliban, Taliban fighters launched an offensive against Afghan forces and overthrew Ashraf Ghani's government. This massive push by the Taliban has taken the world by surprise and many countries, including the United States, are now seeking to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan. Biden warned that any attempt to disrupt service at Kabul airport would not work. He warned the Taliban with a quick and forceful response.

Biden has repeatedly justified his decision to withdraw troops. He asserted that the United States' mission in Afghanistan was to eliminate al Qaeda's affiliates. What else could there be interest in Afghanistan after the destruction of Al Qaeda? We went to Afghanistan to get rid of Al Qaeda as well as Osama bin Laden. We have been able to do that and the war is over forever.