Vaccination is a very important step in protection against coronavirus. Although vaccination programs are being carried out in the country, coronavirus infection (Covid-19) is spreading in large numbers in some places.

Experts expect that the rate of infection will decrease very soon if the vaccination program continues. Therefore, vaccination should not be delayed to normalize the country and the world again. But it should also be noted that no one has yet been able to guarantee 100 percent protection from infection once vaccinated - although the incidence of serious infections, hospitalization rates and mortality rates have been declining.

Kovid-19 does not cause symptoms in everyone. Some people have symptoms that are so debilitating that they do not realize that they have been infected. In this case, some people can get the corona vaccine. Now the question is, what happens when a person infected with coronavirus gets vaccinated? Does it reduce the effectiveness of the tick? Or is there a risk of something serious?

* Vaccine guidelines for covid positives

Just because someone is infected with the coronavirus does not mean that they should never be vaccinated, there are guidelines from health experts for that. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends waiting up to 90 days from the date of coming positive for the Covid test, after which the vaccine can be taken.

What happens if a person infected with corona gets vaccinated?

Immunologist Vinitabal of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research said, "Immunizations acquired from coronavirus infection are effective for a few months, so you can wait 6-7 weeks after healing, as there is no risk of re-infection at this time." Advised to wait weeks.

According to the World Health Organization, vaccination can be delayed up to six months after a natural infection, as the body's natural antibodies can prevent re-infection.

In addition to the contact with the covid patient, the quarantine period has to be completed. If symptoms appear at this time, Covid should be tested. If positive, you can get the vaccine by waiting for 6 weeks to 90 days. On the other hand, if it is negative, wait until the symptoms go away. Then you can get vaccinated. Vaccination should be discontinued even if you suffer from infections other than Covid-19, especially respiratory infections. Vaccination can be taken after recovery.

Since the symptoms do not appear for a certain period of time after exposure to the coronavirus, or the symptoms may not be strong enough to feel, it is not uncommon for someone to feel healthy and get vaccinated. Usually a person without symptoms does not undergo covid test, but without clinical test it cannot be understood as positive or negative. You may think that getting a corona vaccine in a positive condition can be dangerous. Covid positive means there is an active coronavirus in the body. At this time, if you take the vaccine corona vaccine will be sitting? It will continue to work. Coronavirus attack on the one hand, vaccine response on the other. With these considerations in mind, you may naturally feel the fear of some horrible event.

There is still no scientific evidence for or against the possibility of a coronavirus vaccine having covid vaccine complications. Some studies suggest that people infected with the coronavirus may not be harmed if they are vaccinated against coronavirus, and vaccine activity is not disrupted. Experts believe that the coronavirus can cause inflammation in the body, but the vaccine can work independently. But more research is needed to be sure about it.

A person infected with coronavirus may increase the level of side effects if he or she is vaccinated. Whether there are symptoms or not, Kovid-19 activates the body's immune system. It can directly affect the immune response caused by the vaccine. According to experts, the side effects of the vaccine can be severe due to the inflammation caused by the infection in the body. It may take longer than usual to get rid of these.

Some experts say that coronavirus vaccine can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. The effectiveness of the vaccine depends largely on the antibody it causes. Kovid patient has active inflammation in the body, meaning that the person's immune system is already engaged in the fight. Therefore, if the body is vaccinated at this time, the body may not have the same effective response as an infected person. As a result, the immunity that comes to the body may fail to protect for a long time.

Since the combined effects of the Covid-19 and Corona vaccines have not been confirmed, it is not advisable to go without the test if there are symptoms. Experts advise to end the quarantine period if you come in contact with someone who has symptoms or tested positive for covid test.