Many Americans are suffering from corona delta form despite being vaccinated against covid. The virus is spreading as easily as chicken pox among many others. Even those who have not been vaccinated are being vaccinated at almost the same rate as those who have been vaccinated. This is according to an unpublished and internal survey report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

On the basis of that report on Thursday, various American media claimed that the delta is ten times more contagious than the alpha form of the corona. In fact, it is a thousand times more contagious than the original Corona. The CDC may release additional information on Friday.

Incidentally, for the first time in India, this (B.1.617.2 delta) form was infected, leading many to call it the 'Indian form' of corona. But beyond India's borders, it is already spreading terror in more than 100 countries around the world.

Vaccines may not be exempt from delta infected chicken pox US
Vaccines may not be exempt from delta infected chicken pox US

CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky has already acknowledged that vaccinators can carry the delta virus in their noses and throats just like non-vaccinators. At the same time, they can spread it very easily and quickly. Infections in that country increased after the recent July 4 rally in the United States. In addition to that information, data on the recent victims in Provincetown, Massachusetts, has also been collected. In addition, the CDC has prepared this report based on various surveys across the country.

The CDC's report raises further concerns. It is also known to be more contagious than Mars, SARS, Ebola, common cold, seasonal fever, small pox or chicken pox. According to data collected by the CDC on July 24, about 35,000 out of 162 million vaccinated people in the United States experience delta-type symptoms each week. However, patients with mild symptoms were not included. As a result, there are fears that the actual number of infected people in that country may be much higher.

However, the vaccination is not working? In response to this question, Walter Orenstein, head of the Emory Vaccine Center, said: "Vaccines can prevent more than 90 percent of deadly diseases. However, it is not very effective in spreading the infection. The point is, vaccinators can be infected. Even if they are not sick themselves, they can spread the infection like non-vaccinated people. '' Experts believe that it would be wise to get vaccinated.