Jared Kushner, a former senior White House adviser, and his deputy, Avi Berikowitz, were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday. They have struck a deal between Israel and the Arab world to normalize the situation Which is known as "Abraham Accords"

The pair were nominated by then-Donald Trump and U.S. Attorney Alan Dershowitz. Alan was a professor at Harvard Law School

Trump's son-in-law nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Trump's son-in-law nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Kushin Trump's son-in-law and Berikowitz Middle East envoy have been pushing for a peace deal with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

The 25-year-old unrest in the Middle East over Iran ended in a four-month agreement between August and December.

Cushion said in a statement that it was "very proud" to be nominated for the award This award will be given on October 6 Since the administration of President Joe Biden came to power, they have been scrutinizing all security agreements reached during the Trump administration. Among them are agreements between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Complaints about the contracts of this period have come from a section of the policy instructors Question 7 is being raised about the Morocco deal Because this agreement means accepting Morocco's sovereignty in the Western Sahara region

Trump left office on January 20 amid much controversy The question arose as to whether his son-in-law would receive the Nobel Peace Prize at all.