The twin suicide bombers struck shortly after noon local time in Afghanistan on Thursday. One of them was made near the Abe Gate of Kabul Airport. The other is near the Baron Hotel near the airport. At least 60 people were killed in the attack. Among them are 12 US troops.

The United States has blamed ISIS for the attack. More attacks are being feared as well.

The United States fears more attacks

"While we are trying to identify the attackers, there is a risk of further attacks, and this fear is very strong," said Kenneth Frank McKenzie, the US Central Command commander. Especially in the vicinity of the airport. But I want to make sure everyone is safe and sound. "

"We are trying to prevent further attacks," he said. Because, we know their type of attack is that when there is an attack, there are several more. We are ready for that. We are also ready for our security. "

He added that the next attack could happen at any moment and it could happen anywhere. Maybe a rocket attack. It could be a car bomb or a suicide bomber.