The 32nd Olympic Games unfolded with a grand closing ceremony. On the last day, the United States again excelled in the medal list. In all, they won a total of 113 medals and 36 gold medals in Tokyo. On the last day, they have left China behind. America was behind until the last day of the Games, they topped the list on Sunday (August 8).

On Thursday (August 8), China topped the list with 36 golds, followed by the United States with two golds. On the last day they got three gold medals. In that way, the country achieved the excellence of the games after a hard-fought battle. China did not get any gold on this day. Hosts Japan finished third with 56 medals, including 26 gold. Great Britain is in fourth place with a total of 85 medals including 22 golds. The Russian Olympic Committee is fifth with 20 gold medals.

The last is the Greatest Show on Earth, again the superiority of the United States
The last is the Greatest Show on Earth, again the superiority of the United States

The United States won its first gold on the day of the Games, losing to Japan in the girls' basketball final. The second gold came in the hands of cyclist Jennifer Valent. And the 39th gold of this event was won by the girls volleyball team if they became the champion for the first time in the history.

This time the United States received a little less than the Rio Games. Five years ago, they won 46 gold medals in 30 less events. There were 39 in Tokyo. They fell behind as their men did not win any gold medals in the track event. Simone Biles' move also had an effect.

In all, 63 countries have played the final this time. 43 of them reached the podium, 23 countries won gold. There are three world records, 12 Olympic records. Besides, 26 area records and 151 national records were set.

The men's high jump is being considered as the best moment in this year's Olympics. When Mutaz Barshim of Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy agreed to share, the organizers agreed and the two athletes cheered.

All in all, the Olympics, which were postponed due to corona, started on July 23. The Japanese demanded the cancellation of the event for fear of a severe corona infection. Even then, despite all obstacles, the Greatest Show on Earth ended successfully. The next 33rd edition will be held in 2024 in Paris, the capital of France.