This is the first time Argentina has won a trophy this year. Lionel Messi's elusive dream of winning the Copa America trophy by defeating Brazil came true. Less than a month after winning the trophy, Messi received bad news; Can't stay in Barcelona due to La Liga rules. In the end, I have to leave my favorite club, which is my home.

At a farewell press conference on Sunday (August 8), Messi said in an emotional voice that he did not want such a farewell. The audience at the New Camp might have wanted to say goodbye in love; In a more colorful way. Messi has been playing without spectators for almost a year and a half due to Corona. Messi did not want to say goodbye without spectators.

In other words I wanted to say goodbye: Messi

"It's very difficult, without fans for a year and a half," Messi said. I wanted to say goodbye in a completely different way. From day one to the end I gave my all. I hope to return one day. I promised the kids. I want to help this club to be the best. '

Messi also said that the contract with Bara will be finalized. My new contract was complete. All was final. I wanted to stay here. It’s done when I come on vacation. It didn't happen last time because of La Liga rules. '

21-year-old Messi has shown what he can do. Messi emigrated to Spain in 2000 from his native Argentina. He has been playing for Bar মূলa since 2004. The 18-year Barcelona career and the 21-year relationship ended on a lazy afternoon on Thursday. But how many achievements, how many fame next to his name.

Messi made his Barcelona debut in the 2004-05 season at the age of just 17. He played 6 matches for the Catalans. He has scored 72 goals. There are 305 assists. Messi has won 10 La Liga in 18 seasons. Copa del Rey has won 6. Supercopa 6. He has won 4 of the most prestigious Champions Leagues. He has won 3 UEFA Super Cups and Club World Cups.