Twenty years later, the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan. They are waiting to form a new government. The United States began evacuating its embassy officials and staff after the Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Sunday. However, the evacuation of Afghans has been hampered by heavy crowds at the airport.

President Joe Biden is facing a number of questions about the US military's defeat in Afghanistan. He made the remarks in a speech from the White House on Monday afternoon, local time. He is still adamant about withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. Biden also said that if the Taliban attacked their officials and employees, there would be a strong response.

"American troops are working professionally in this mission," he said. Working properly. As they always do. However, it is not absolutely risk-free. As we evacuate our officers and employees, we have sent a clear message to the Taliban that if they attack our officers and employees or cause problems in our evacuation, the US presence there will be lightning fast. And that will be answered quickly and strictly. We will protect our people with all our might. '

If the Taliban attack our employees, there will be a strong response: Biden

He added, "Our mission will be short-lived. Our people and allies will be evacuated as soon as possible. And as soon as this mission is over, we will withdraw our troops and end 20 years of America's longest war and bloodshed. "

The Biden administration has been widely criticized for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. However, Biden is adamant in his decision. He doesn’t think their decision is wrong, ‘I stand by my decision. Twenty years later, I have come to realize that there has never been a right time to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan. A war cannot go on for generations. '

At present, 3,000 to 3,500 US troops are working to bring US citizens and their allies back safely from Afghanistan. That is what Major General Hank Taylor said.

Meanwhile, a study by Brown University found that in the last 20 years, the US-led war in Afghanistan has cost them  2.7 trillion.