Anyone can be infected with corona, even children. Coronary infections can put a patient's life in jeopardy. At present the country is in the reign of a terrible Delta variant.

At this time, it is important to make sure that the children are following proper hygiene rules, because like other countries, Bangladesh has not yet launched a corona vaccination program for children. According to experts, children with obesity, diabetes and asthma have a higher risk of serious illnesses caused by Covid-19.

Does the baby get corona and RSV infection at the same time?

The research report says that children in the coronavirus epidemic can suffer from dual infections, meaning that children infected with the corona can also get RSV infections. The full form of RSV is respiratory syncytial virus. Both Covid-19 and RSV are respiratory infections. Both infections can cause physical harm to children.

According to doctors, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes infections in the lungs and respiratory tract. Experts believe that every child is infected with the virus by the age of two. Adults can also get the infection. The risk of RSV infection is higher in autumn and winter. The infection is highly contagious.

Usually the symptoms of RSV infection are mild in nature. Not only Covid-19, but also the symptoms of RSV infection are very similar to the symptoms of cold. Most people infected with RSV recover in a week or two, but children and the elderly can suffer serious complications. RSV is one of the leading causes of bronchitis and pneumonia in children under one year of age. Experts warn that the combination of Kovid-19 and RSV infections can be fatal for children.

* Is it possible to have dual infection of Kovid-19 and RSV?

According to experts, someone can be infected with two viruses at the same time. In light of this, a child can suffer from Covid-19 and RSV infections at the same time. Some studies have suggested this. More research will have to wait to be sure about this dual infection. In a study published in January this year, 11 out of 7 patients had a dual infection. Of these 11 dual infections, four had Kovid-19 and RSV infections. That's why doctors are advising people with weakened immune systems and unvaccinated people to take special precautions in the ongoing epidemic. Parents also need to pay extra attention to their children, as there is no vaccine to prevent infection. They need to eat nutritious food and understand the importance of hygiene.

* Symptoms of RSV

Both coronavirus and RSV invade the lungs or airways. Therefore, the symptoms of RSV may be Covid-19 or the symptoms of corona infection may be the symptoms of RSV. Some of the common symptoms of a child with corona are fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, weakness, thin stools and vomiting. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that some of the symptoms of RSV infection are:

* Cold / runny nose

* Not wanting to eat

* Cough

* Sneezing

* Fever

* Noise during breathing.

* Covid-19 or RSV, how do you understand?

Whether it is a child or an adult, the symptoms can give an idea about a disease. But there are some diseases or infections that have a lot in common in their symptoms - it's hard for a normal person to guess what exactly happened in these cases. Since Covid-19 and RSV are both respiratory diseases, most of the early symptoms may be similar. So how do you know if you have Covid-19 or RSV infection?

Experts have suggested some ways to get an idea of ​​whether the child has RSV infection or Covid-19. In addition to the symptoms that are similar to RSV, infant coronary heart disease can cause digestive problems such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Rash or rash may also appear on the skin. It can also lose the ability to sense taste and smell. Usually children with RSV do not suffer from these symptoms. The best way to diagnose a baby's actual infection is to get tested. If the child has any symptoms of Covid-19, the test should not be hesitated.