Recently, a software called Pegasus has caused a stir all over the world with the help of which it has been possible to break the defense system of highly secure smartphones like iPhone. News BBC Bangla.

It is said that about 50,000 people from different countries have been eavesdropped on the phone using this software and the phone users did not even know anything about it.

NSO, an Israeli company, has developed the software, which has been sold to governments in various countries. The NSO says no one used their Pegasus to eavesdrop on ordinary people's phones.

Usually attempts are made to hack into the phone by sending e-mails or messages. When someone clicks on a link or message in that e-mail, a software is installed on the phone, with the help of which control is established on that phone.

Answers to 7 questions about eavesdropping on the phone
Answers to 7 questions about eavesdropping on the phone

But with the help of Pegasus, this has been done in a fancy way - the phone user did not have to wait for them to click on any link.

How ‘Zero Click’ is possible

According to technologists, Pegasus is a powerful software that can be used to hack phones in various ways. However, the most deadly way to hack a mobile phone is to ‘Zero Click’ eavesdropping on someone’s phone.

That means you don't have to click on any link, download anything, reply to any message, open anything, install any app, go to any website. In a word, you don't have to do anything.

To hack, hackers will only need your phone number, or the e-mail address with which you use your phone.

Nasim Mahmoud, an information technologist in Ireland, is working with artificial intelligence at United Health Group, an American medical and innovation organization based in Dublin.

He says that installing any software on a mobile phone with Zero Click is a very difficult and modern step. Mobile phones but are updated regularly. When it is updated, it installs new software from its specific source. But being able to do that with zero click means that hackers then take control of the operating system of that phone, which is a very scary thing.

Scientists say that the whole process of eavesdropping takes place silently and without the user's knowledge. That is why the message that is sent on the phone cannot be seen in the notification.

The malware is then automatically installed on the phone.

What happens when Pegasus is installed

With the help of Pegasus, everything you have on your phone goes under the control of hackers. Whatever you see on the phone, hackers can see it, hackers can do what you can.

Hackers can see and read all the text messages that will be exchanged on your phone with the help of apps like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc.

Can listen to phone calls. You can see the pictures on your phone, read e-mails. Even the passwords you use will fall into the hands of hackers.

That's it, they can turn on your phone's camera and microphone to see and hear what's going on around the phone.

Why smart-phones failed

Various types of software are also installed on smart phones like computers to prevent various viruses and malware.

Hackers can break into the phone by breaking through the security wall of these softwares.

IPhone makers claim that their phones are extremely secure. But this iPhone is also among the phones that have been hacked with Pegasus.

"Let me give you an example - you say you have a good box," said Nasim Mahmood. Now he has come to break the ark, but he has come with a more powerful instrument.

IPhone or Android phones are being updated regularly to prevent malware. But even then, hackers are able to find flaws in these operating systems.

Is it possible to stop?

If eavesdropping on the telephone is possible, then the question may be why it is not possible to stop Pegasus?

The answer to what is possible or not depends on who is eavesdropping on the phone, how much power or money is being spent behind it and who is eavesdropping on the phone - the answers to these questions.

Mr. Mahmoud said that some people are creating a software and some people are looking for flaws in the software. Before a software is released on the market, it is tested in many ways. But after many tests, some errors remain which are not detected. But a bunch of people who want to use that error to do something else can catch that error.

It's a lot like creating viruses and antivirus.

Mr. "When we use a software, sometimes the message comes that we want to report it," Mahmoud said. If I send a report, they will see and update it. But those who want to monitor do not inform the phone manufacturers about the error. Instead, they are using that inner weakness to monitor people.

Phone calls were also eavesdropped on by various state forces. Basically they have the legal legitimacy to do this to deal with terrorism. But many times they also eavesdrop on the phones of politicians, journalists, human rights activists, activists and dissidents.

I can understand

The answer also depends on who took control of my phone.

When a virus or malware enters our computer, the anti-virus installed on the computer can catch it.

Then various instructions are given to eradicate the virus, and accordingly we remove the virus from the computer.

But sometimes that software can't detect any one virus. Because the software has not been updated yet. Maybe be able to catch up in the next version.

"But the work that is done on the computer or on the phone, ordinary people can't catch it. However, it is possible to know through forensic examination whether anyone is eavesdropping on the phone. ”

In this regard, information technologist Nasim Mahmud gives two examples:

1. Maybe you are not using the internet through the phone, but suddenly it appears that the phone has used some data.

2. Sometimes it may be seen that the battery of the phone is being used more.

This also means that someone is using the phone without your knowledge.

WhatsApp, Signal

We talk and exchange messages by installing various apps on our mobile phones. Such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc.

These are claimed to be end-to-end encrypted and the idea is that eavesdropping on these apps is not possible.

But information technologist Nasim Mahmood says the word end-to-end encryption means you wrote a letter, the language of which is written in a way that only you and the recipient of your letter can read. But anyone who can break this encryption can also read the letter.

That said, the end-to-end encryption app running on your device, how can you be sure that that specific app is only running on your phone? Those who have the power, who can establish control over the network, can also take control of the end-to-end encryption of your phone if they want.

Nasim Mahmood said, "I may have kept the money in the bank thinking it was safe, but the bank may have been taken away by someone - that's how it is."

What to do

After hacking with the help of Pegasus, it can be said that there is not much that ordinary users can do to stop eavesdropping on the phone.

Hackers usually send emails or messages to entice users to click on them. Won the big lottery - a message is sent so that we click and then a special software is installed on the phone with which the phone is eavesdropped.

In that case, information technologists advise not to click on such links. They said that no app should be installed without knowing it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

But with zero click where the control of the phone goes to someone else, then?

And this is where mobile phone users are helpless.