Lisa Montegomari, a 52-year-old Kansas woman, was sentenced to death in the United States The last time a woman was executed in the United States was in 1953 After 70 years, the US government executed another woman there

The Associated Press reports that Lisa was asked Wednesday if she had any last wishes before she died. Lisa says no to the answer The US administration then executed Lisa with a toxic injection into her body. Lisa was sentenced to death in the execution chamber of Indiana Terra Hoot Prison

A woman has been sentenced to death in the United States after 60 years
A woman has been sentenced to death in the United States after 70 years

Now the question is, what was the most heinous crime that Lisa committed for which she was sentenced to death? Incident 18 years ago 6 Lisa abducted Bobby Joe Steinent, an eight-month-old woman in Missouri, and then strangled him to death. Lisa then snatched Steinent's stomach and ran away with the fetus Although the mother died, the child miraculously survived Lisa then tries to introduce Steinent's child to her family But in the end he could not evade the law Lisa 7 was convicted in 2006 The federal court ordered the death penalty

The history of the death penalty in the United States says that in 1953, a woman named Bonnie Heidi was sentenced to death in a gas chamber for murdering a child. Then in 1986, the US Supreme Court banned the death penalty. Later it was withdrawn but the death penalty was abolished. In 2016, the government of outgoing President Donald Trump reintroduced the death penalty Since Trump came to power, the US administration has killed 11 people, including Lisa, by injecting them with poison.