President Joe Biden has no plans to end the US military presence in Syria. Earlier, he had called for an end to America's "perpetual war" in the Middle East. Now Joe Biden's administration is moving away from that position. News from Parstoday.

A senior Biden administration official said US military would be deployed in Syria to help the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDP) fight the militant group Daesh, according to a report in the US media Politico. No change can be said in this regard right now. However, the US official did not want to reveal his name to Politico.

Biden has no plans to withdraw US troops from Syria

The report comes amid a debate over the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qazimi met at the White House and reached an agreement that the US military's combat mission in Iraq would end this year. However, the 2,500 troops stationed in Iraq will not be withdrawn, but will act as military advisers. Resistance groups and the general public in Iraq do not approve of the decision. They want the withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq.